What Is a PG YEAR?

Think you need some time before going straight to college? Need another year of high school to prepare for your college athlete career? Feel like you are too young to be a college freshman?

If any of the questions above apply to you, a PG Year is the best option for you. You are probably wondering what a PG Year even means and that is completely fine. I did not know it existed myself until I completed one.

So let’s start by its definition. PG Year = Post Graduate Year.

Basically, a post graduate year means you get to have an additional year of high school even though you have recently graduated. In my case, I graduated high school in Brazil, Sao Paulo. Since I graduated with 16 years old, I thought I was too young to face college in another country right away. I needed time to adjust in United Stated and also to prepare for the huge process of applying to colleges. Thus, after finding out I had the possibilty to complete another year before starting college life, I completed a PG year in the US and consequently received a second high school diploma.

PG Year programs are more commonly available in boarding schools. You spend a year taking more advanced classes than you would if you were a senior and you dedicate yourself to making college research. In addition, you will have your own college counselor, who will help you every step of the way until you get accepted into college. Moreover, if you intend to be a college athlete this will be a great opportunity for you to be recruited more easily.

Even if you don’t intent to go to college in the United States, a PG year is perfect for the ones that want to have an experience abroad. My personal experience was incredible due to the fact that it opened up amazing college options for me. I guarantee it will be an unforgettable year in your life regardless of your intentions.

If you want to know more about boarding schools and find out which one I attended keep posted! I will be soon posting more about it!


One thought on “What Is a PG YEAR?

  1. Nossa, incrível as oportunidades que os EUA oferecem. Aqui você se forma com 17/18 anos (em média) e já tem que saber o curso que pretende fazer na faculdade e aí além de ter mais tempo para resolver o curso em si ainda existe esse PG para o aluno se preparar melhor.
    Engraçado que pós graduação aqui é completamente diferente disso, rs.
    Aguardo um post mais detalhado sobre sua experiência.


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