How To Deal With Homesickness.

Packing your bags and moving abroad is with no doubt one of the biggest decisions one can make. It is a decision that does not only involve oneself but most certainly everyone around you. The decision involves leaving friends and family behind. It means getting out of one’s comfort zone and drastically changing one’s routine. Thus, it is completely normal for one to be scared and anxious when the time has come to leave the place you love the most behind. The distress of being separated from everything one knows is called homesickness.

Due to being abroad for a long time now, I have noticed that people who are going through the symptoms of homesickness often are too embarassed of it to get help. However, it is very important to understand that it is completely normal to feel nostalgic about your friends, family and even dogs (I cried because I missed my dogs a bunch of times ok).

Here are some tips on how to deal with being homesick:

  1. Open up with someone. Even though it does not seem so, thousands of people are going through the exact same situation. It is guaranteed you will find someone who has been or is going through this process. Sharing your fears and seeking for help is the best thing you can do. By opening up with someone you are not only bonding but you are getting a reason to stay.
  2. Stop comparing. Do not constantly compare your home country and the situation you were in to the one you are living. Living/studying abroad is supposed to be an unique experience and nothing like what you are used to. You are supposed to learn and also collect different memories that you would not have if otherwise stayed in your comfort zone.
  3. Make a bucket list. Pretend you are just a tourist and go to all the tourist attractions. In addition, make a list with all the things you want to do before your time is up. It will give you motivation every day to enjoy your time as much as posssible. Explore as much as you can and you will feel like you are just on vacation.
  4. Skype. The internet made everything so much simpler. You will always be a video call away from your family. Even though it will never be the same as actually being there, talking to them every once is a while will make you miss them less and give you strength to stay there.
  5. Create your own routine. By creating habbits and developing new hobbys you will feel much less stressed and anxious. A routine will help you get used to your new lifestyle.

The most important thing to remember is that you are having special opportunity that not many people are fortunate to have. If you are living in a dorm make sure to decorate as homie as possible. Make a lot of friends and go explore!!

Do not let homesickness stop you from enjoying this amazing experience!

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Beijos ❤

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