A Different Guide To NYC (Summer Edition)

Tired of the stereotypical tourist spots? Want to experience what it is like to be a real New Yorker?

In this guide I’ll  recommend different locations to explore and give unique tips for a perfect summer! Read on:

  1. Attend A Music Festival.
    It is certain that the world’s greatest festivals will be happening in NYC during summer time. After all, did you even have summer if you didn’t attend at least one? Make sure to check the lineup for the next Electric Daisy Carnival, Electric Zoo Festival and Governor’s Ball.
  2. Check Out These Sick Graffiti Spots
  3. Go On A Water Taxi Tour At Night

    Don’t miss out on living inside a NYC postcard for the evening. It’s a great and very romantic way to get to know the city’s tourist attractions. The tour has all kinds of passes to fit into your schedule. Check out their website for more information.
  4. Enjoy a Free Outdoors Movie Screening
    Every year famous parks around NYC open for their film festivals. Grab a blanket, some cheese and wine and make sure to be part of this cozy (and free!!!) event. For the Central Park Film Festival click here. For the Bryant Park Film Festival click here. Don’t forget to get there early!
  5. Don’t Miss The Museum Mile Festival

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    Make sure to plan your trip during the time of this event (June) because this is New York’s biggest block party. Basically, it will get you to the best museums in NYC for free. Enjoy food, art and music while you make your way through to every museum stop. I guarantee you will not only be blown away inside the greatest museums. Check out my photo gallery above!

  6. Watch The Sunset At The High LineScreenshot_2015-08-30-16-13-22
    The High Line Park was built on an old and disused railroad in central New York, which means it is elevated (and 1.45 miles long). A lot of activities happen during the summer such as stargazing, meditation, public tours and this year’s “collectivity project” where you can use your imagination and build anything you want with LEGOS. Art is everywhere but make sure to hang around there until sunset for incredible pictures!
  7. Dine At The River Cafe in Brooklyn
    The River Cafe sure did achieve its goal: to be place in the most beautiful setting possible. It is located right under the Brooklyn Bridge and while you are amazed by their delicious food you will also be astounded with the view of the New York skyline and the Statue of Liberty. Click here for their photo gallery.
  8. Try The Best Cupcake Ever

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  9. I Bet You Didn’t Know There’s A Castle Inside Central Park
    The Belvedere Castle has a beautiful view of the city. Also, I bet you also did not know that since 1919 the National Weather Service makes all its predictions from the castle! – Fun Fact
  10. Play A Sport At The Chelsea Piers

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    The Chelsea Piers have amazing athletic facilities so if you are traveling either alone or with a bunch of friends make sure to try to participate in the games that happen almost every day! Also if you’re not really an athletic person it’s the perfect area to have a picnic, watch the sunset/the beautiful view and tan!

Beijos ❤

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