Reasons To Go Backpacking

Backpacking around the world should definitely be on your top to do’s list. During my gap year before college I decided that I needed to take the opportunity and plan a backpacking trip around Europe. With a friend, we started planning months and months before and put into ink and paper all our goals for our month long adventure. When it was finally time to catch our flight to our first stop, our words turned into reality and I knew that this would be an experience I would never forget.

One thing that I am sure now is that no book or classroom would have been able to teach me what I learned when exploring Europe.

Here are some reasons  to start planning and pack your favorite backpack:

  1. Learn about new cultures.
    It is inevitable to learn about new customs while you are immersed in a new culture. Engage in different tours around the cities you stay and be prepared to learn more in depth of the places you once only saw in pictures.
  2. Practice different languages
    You will not have an instant translator with you so be prepared to practice you language skills wherever you go.
  3. Discover more about yourself (personal growth)
    One of the most important aspects of being abroad is learning more about your personality. You will recognize more your strengths and weaknesses, which will result in a tremendous personal growth experience.
  4. Learn to be independent
    Making choices is not very easy for most people. Due to the fact that you most likely wont have the luxury and comfort you would have otherwise at home, challenging times will come. However is how you learn to deal with it that will make you more independent.
  5. Experience life changing experiences
    It is guaranteed that you will have moments that will change your life in a certain way. Be it because of the story behind the most beautiful scenery or a person you met along the way, you will not come back home the same. In addition, it is most likely that not everything will go as planned, but it is what will make your experience so unique.

Keep posted if you want to know places I have visited and how to plan the perfect trip!

Beijos ❤

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