My Eurotrip Country List

Choosing which countries to backpack around Europe was the hardest part about planning for my Eurotrip. II remember having to change my destination several times because its normal to think that 1 month is enough to visit at least 10 countries right? Well, It is really not enough unless your plan is to just party. However, If your goal is to have an experience without rush, I would suggest cutting your country list in half.

In my case, I chose going to only 4 countries in order to explore more cities, understand each country’s culture, and of course to become familiar with the exciting European nightlife!

My Country List


  • England
    – London
    – Liverpool
  • Spain
    – Barcelona
    – Ibiza
  • Italy
    – Florence
    – Venice
    – Barberino Val D’Elsa
  • The Netherlands
    – Amsterdam

Keep posted for my guide on what to do in each of the places on the list above!

Beijos ❤

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