Backpacking? Here’s what you should bring.


If you are planning to spend about 30 days away here’s a guide and some tips that will make your packing much easier. Try to limit yourself to pack around 15kg since you will probably accumulate more things throughout the trip.

  1. You do not need to bring many bottoms. Backpacking will require you to be much more of a practical person than a fashionista. Also, due to the fact that you will be traveling to different places/countries, you will never be seeing the same people and none of your Instagram followers will care if you wear the same shorts twice. Thus, I would say to focus much more on other aspects of your outfit.
    Here are a few options that I thought of when I went backpacking:
    – 3 shorts: black, white, and jeans + 1 skirt + 1 pants (if you even dare to wear them in the boiling weather, bring the ones with light material)
    – 2 shorts (a dark and lighter color) + 2 skirts + 1 pants
  2. Bring a bunch of tops. It will be summer and most tops don’t occupy much space on your small boarding suitcase/backpack.
    – I brought around 8 different tops so I could have room to buy a few more while abroad.
  3. Summer Dresses/Jumpsuits are a YES. They are super light weigth and you can transform a simple black jumpsuit into a fancy party outfit.
    – 4 summer dresses + 1 jumpsuit
    – 3 summer dresses + 1 jumpsuit + 1 party dress
  4. Let’s talk about shoes. Prepare for this nightmare because shoes are the worst part about packing. You will probably change your mind on what to bring at least 15 times. If you’re a girl,  I promise you will not be wearing heels too often, so substitute all of your options for 1 pair. I know, it is hard, but you will thank me later. You will be doing much more walking tours than you think.
    – 1 pair of heels (preferably black) + 1 comfortable shoe  (running shoe/adidas) + 2 sandals.
  5. Always check airlines regulations if you are traveling by plane to some countries. Some of them will charge you extra if you have  more than 15kg.

Hope this helps and makes your life a little easier!

Beijos ❤

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