Your Gift Guide to your Host Fam

Studies show that you become 110% more likable to someone after giving them a gift. 

jk. but,

If you are living abroad for a few months with a host family it is nice gesture to bring a small gift to thank them for their hospitality. After visiting loved ones across different countries I can now share with you guys some of the gifts I have given along the years! When preparing to move to Germany for a few months with a host family I remember struggling to find something useful that wouldn’t take too much space on my luggage. My best advice is to always buy something -hopefully useful- that represents or reminds them of  your home country.

Here are a few ideas:

  1. Typical alcoholic beverage from your country

    photo credit: Janice Waltzer

    Since you can’t exactly sneak it in your checked baggage, it is better to wait and buy it at your local airport!#braziliantip: Compre uma garrafa de cachaça ou um kit de caipirinha para surpreender sua família com caipirinhas no almoço.

  2. Shot glasses with the name of your city

    photo credit: James Thompson
  3. Soccer jersey from your local team

    photo credit: Antonio Thomás Koenigkam Oliveira

  4. Local chocolate/candy

    photo credit: Sonia Belviso

  5. A photography/history book about your town

  6. Clothing from your favorite store

    photo credit: Marcio Okabe

    Think of a store that sell items that show the local fashion in your city/country!


    #braziliantip: Lojas como a Farm, Maria Filó, entre outras lojas locais tendem a mostrar a típica moda do Rio de Janeiro!

    Beijos ❤


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