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Santa Ana Marijuana Dispensary Drops Limited Jeeter Brand

Jan 8

Derek Jeeter Brand at Santa Ana Boutique

Santa Ana, United States - December 21, 2021 / Tropicanna Dispensary and Delivery /

In Santa Ana, Tropicanna Dispensary and Delivery participated in Jeeterday on November 6th, 2021. The dispensary was chosen by Jeeter to be one of only a handful of dispensaries in California to carry these new products. As part of this event, the dispensary gave away products and other prizes to celebrate, and released two new Jeeter products for sale. 

The event took place on November 6, 2021 starting at 11AM. At the beginning of the event, the first five customers who purchased a Jeeter product were awarded a Mystery Prize from Jeeter and Tropicanna Dispensary. The next 20 Jeeter product customers received gift bags containing Jeeter tee-shirts and/or other popular products in Tropicanna’s lineup. 

Customers who missed the giveaway still had a special opportunity to purchase limited-edition Jeeter products - an opportunity that will be available in few other places in California.

What are the new Jeeter Products? 

Jeeter is known for innovative products in an industry that’s continually evolving. Their cutting-edge products allow consumers to enjoy greater satisfaction, portability, flavor, and to have a truly superior experience overall. 

The company is known for enhanced flower products, in which other natural products are added to enhance the user’s experience. They also offer non-infused pre-rolls, edibles, and other unique products for discerning consumers. 

Tropicanna is excited to be one of the few dispensaries in California to carry Jeeter’s brand-new products, which include:

  • Jeeter XL - a 2-gram banana peel live resin infused roll with an acrylic filter for discreet simplicity and incredible flavor and aroma. 
  • Baby Jeeter 5-pack - a convenient multipack of Baby Jeeters, each containing 0.5 grams of banana peel live resin. 

Tropicanna will begin offering these products as soon as the Jeetderday promotion begins on November 6. 

About Jeeter

Jeeter began as a small operation in South Florida, curating top-quality products for discerning consumers. Over a period of a decade, Jeeter has expanded into the California market, bringing consumers an array of exciting products to try. 

Currently, Jeeter’s operations are housed in an 18,000 square foot facility on a 4.2 acre campus in Desert Hot Springs, California. The single location allows the company to manage and document all aspects of manufacturing, fulfillment, packaging, distribution, and back end tracking, invoicing, and other business services. This helps ensure consistently high quality, which is highly valued by experienced customers. 

The company’s parent, Dreamfield, employs more than 500 professionals across all departments, making the company one of largest employers of its kind in Riverside County. The company’s mission reflects its commitment to uphold and strengthen the cultural, social and personal impacts of the industry.

About Tropicanna Dispensary and Delivery

Tropicanna Dispensary has been long known and admired for its wide range of products, offering many different types of customer access to exactly what they want. 

Customers enjoy the many types of flower, edibles, cartridges, tinctures, and other product forms found on Tropicanna’s shelves.

The dispensary is often the first stop for Orange County residents who want to try the newest products first - they know that if a new product is hitting the market, Tropicanna Dispensary is likely to have it in stock before anyone else. 

This includes products by consumer favorite Jeeter. Tropicanna is among the only Orange County dispensaries to carry Jeeter’s products, and is happy to be the first to offer the Jeeter XL and Baby Jeeter 5-pack. 

Of course, dispensaries are rather intimidating places, particularly for new customers who do not yet understand the options available. Tropicanna is committed to helping these individuals choose the right product through education, active listening, and thoughtful product recommendations. 

Although team members are excited about Tropicanna’s entire line of products - including Jeeter’s upcoming releases - their primary aim is connecting customers with products that fit their lifestyles, provide expected benefits, and offer an experience that truly enhances each customer’s life. 

Tropicanna also understands that while many customers in Santa Ana and the greater Orange County area need the products offered by this Dispensary, they don’t always have the time or ability to travel to a physical dispensary. Others may simply not want to stand in line or be around others out of concern over COVID variants, breakthrough cases, and other risks. 

For these individuals, Tropicanna offers efficient, friendly delivery service. Customers in Santa Ana, Anaheim, and Irvine can place their orders online or via phone, and the dispensary’s staff will process and package each order for fast, convenient delivery. A professional delivery driver then rushes their orders directly to their homes, packaged in discreet, unmarked packaging. This service allows customers to obtain the products they need without the hassle of leaving their homes. 

Although delivery is not yet available in all areas of Orange County, such as Newport Beach and Costa Mesa, residents of these areas can still obtain their products quickly, thanks to Tropicanna’s efficient Express Pickup service. As with delivery, customers can place orders online or by phone, and their products will be quickly picked and packed for pickup/. 

When Express Pickup customers arrive at the Dispensary, they can bypass the line and go directly to the checkout to pick up their orders. This helps customers obtain their products quickly so they can get back to their lives. 



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