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Why do athletes apply for medical marijuana cards?

Feb 20

Why do athletes apply for medical marijuana cards?

An increasing number of current and former players are concerned about the use of cannabis to relieve pain. They believe it's safer than opioids and more effective.

Football is notoriously challenging. The players often suffer inflicted injuries that cause pain and result in high-dose painkillers being prescribed to control. The players may be benefiting from the current atmosphere of worry over the excessive use of opioids.


Brain injuries and football

State legislatures have passed laws allowing residents to make use of medical cannabis to treat pain or other ailments. Despite federal bans that prohibit the use of cannabis, states continue to adopt laws. A lot of NFL players are now aware of the negative impacts football has on their bodies, and they are pushing for reforms to the policy. They hope that their efforts will lead to an endorsement of medical marijuana as a pain-management alternative and treatment for sports-related brain injuries (TBI).

TBI is defined by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke as "when an abrupt trauma can cause brain damage." This can happen because professional football players are frequently exposed to head trauma that is a severe and intense game. An April study in 2016 showed that up to 40% of ex-NFL players had signs of TBI. This is much higher than the percentage of non-athletes. Researchers also found a link between the duration of a player's career and the chance of him developing symptoms of TBI.


The research is based on a growing awareness that footballers are particularly at risk of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). CTE is a disease that results from repeated TBIs and head traumas that eventually cause the brain to deteriorate. CTE cannot be diagnosed until the body of a dead NFL player is examined. However, both former and current NFL players exhibit symptoms that could indicate the condition. Memory loss and dementia are two of the signs.


Cannabis can be utilized to treat and reduce pain.

Recent research has shown that medical cannabis can be utilized to treat or prevent CTE. This would enhance the quality of life for those who are most at risk of CTE or TBI.


The theory behind [cannabis] is that it could help in the treatment of brain trauma. Research has shown that CBD and more specifically CBD, activate [receptors] within the brain that defend against damage to the brain after acute or chronic brain injury. The chemicals in medical cannabis can provide protection both before and after trauma, potentially lessening their effects.


More states are legalizing recreational cannabis. Then, the consumers need to decide whether to buy medical marijuana or simply recreational cannabis. Many athletes opt for medical marijuana over recreational marijuana because it is so different.

Why choose medical over recreational?

Many reasons could make athletes choose medical marijuana over recreational. Take into consideration that athletes typically travel. Some states do not have legalized marijuana for recreational use. Some states do not permit marijuana to be used for any purpose. Athletes were the first to utilize Missouri's medical marijuana dispensaries. It's still illegal for anyone to consume marijuana recreationally. These states require that athletes planning to travel to them get an ID card. Some states permit holders of medical marijuana cards to purchase their cannabis in other states. This is a great option for travelers who do often cross-state travel.


Access to products is made easier and cheaper

Another reason to choose medicinal cannabis over recreational is that it is more affordable. The initial price of the card and associated services can be costly, however, the 420 cannabis card will save you in the long run with more controlled pricing and accessibility. Although certain states have stricter rules concerning recreational marijuana, other states may be more flexible and provide lower costs. Additionally, medical marijuana programs are more reliable than recreational dispensaries. These dispensaries are more trustworthy than those that are recreational, partly because they've been around for a longer time and are more prepared to cope with sudden increases in demand. This allows users to find the right products. A medical marijuana card can be an advantage.


Athletes can access safer products and the option to choose from a greater selection of products. For medical products, strict standards are adhered to. There are special products available for certain purposes or different illnesses. It is much easier to go to a medical shop than shop at a recreational one.


It's not just for athletes

This trend isn't only for athletes. Medical marijuana has become a very popular option for many people around the globe.

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