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How Do You Use Essential Oils In Wax Warmers

Mar 17

You are in love with the smell of essential oils, but aren't exactly how to make use of the aromatherapy benefits. Perhaps you've tried diffusing essential oils but the scent was not lasting long enough.

If this is the case do, then explore using essential oils in a wax warmer! We'll teach you how to accomplish it in this article. We'll also provide tips for using essential oil for wax warming.

What is Warming Wax?

Wax warmers are described as devices with electric motors that melt wax cubes and pellets to fill a room with scent. They're a fantastic alternative to diffusers and candles because they are less expensive and safer to make use of.

There are two types of wax warmers: those with an element of heating and those that have the use of a light bulb. Heating elements heat the wax slowly and evenly, while light bulbs warm the wax intermittently and cause it to cool between cycles.

How do you use essential oils in wax warmers

Using essential oils in wax warmers is simple! You only need a warmer and a few essential oils-infused wax pellets or cubes. Since it's non-toxic and has a long burn time, we recommend beeswax.

To use, simply place the wax in the warmer and then turn it on. The warmth from the light bulb or element will melt the wax and release the essential oils into the air. You can alter the intensity of the fragrance by increasing or decreasing the wax content in the warmer.

Be cautious when using heating elements. They can be heated quickly enough to ignite an fire. It's recommended to set a timer to make sure it won't accidentally go off.

Effectivity Of Wax Warmers

Warmers for wax are an excellent method to smell your favourite essential oils because they spread the fragrance evenly across the entire room.

Since there isn't any open flame, they're much safer than candles.

If you are a pet owner or have children, we suggest using a wax warmer instead of diffusing essential oils. It protects them from dropping hot oil on the diffuser, or knocking it over, and thereby prevents them from getting hurt.

How to Clean A Wax Warmer

Cleaning a wax warmer is simple! Wait for the wax to set and then take it out with a spoon. Cleanse the inside of the warmer with a damp cloth , and that's it!

You can also use a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol to remove any stubborn remnants.

FAQs concerning wax warmers

Q: Can I leave my wax warmer on throughout the day?

A: Yes, you can! However, we suggest using a timer so that the wax doesn't get too hot and start to smoke.

Q: Which type of wax should I use for my warmer?

A: We recommend beeswax pellets and paraffin wax. There are also pre-made melts made from these substances.

Q: Can I mix different waxes?

A: Yes, you can! Mixing the waxes together can result in distinctive scents that you might not be able to find pre-made. Just make sure that your melts are made using the same material (paraffin beeswax, beeswax.) They will melt at the exact same speed.

Do I require water to warm my wax warmer?

A: Nope! Your wax warmer can be affected by the effects of water.

Q What is the frequency I need to wash my wax warmers?

A: Following each use, we suggest that you clean your wax warmer. This will prevent wax buildup and will ensure that the heat is distributed evenly. Simply remove the melted wax from the bowl. clean it down with a damp , clean cloth and then dry it completely before adding new wax.


We'd like to conclude by saying how much we are in love with the essential oil warmers. They are such a great method to experience the benefits of essential oils, and also make your home smell amazing. We hope that this article helped you to understand how to use them.