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Find the Illinois Medical Marijuana Card and enjoy the secret perks

Mar 29


The 2019 Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act was signed by Illinois. It is the first state in the country that has legalized recreational cannabis via legislation and not via a voter initiative. The launch was a success and the demand for cannabis soared during COVID-19 lockdowns. The result is that Illinois cannabis sales in 2020 will exceed the billion dollar threshold.

Most people aren't aware of the many benefits of getting an Illinois medical cannabis recommendation. Special tax breaks are available and you can buy various cannabis products and get high-potency cannabis products specifically for patients who are medically ill.

The three most well-kept secrets to getting the best possible Illinois medical marijuana recommendation

The benefits of a medical marijuana card are well worth the expense.


1. Discounts of up to 30% on potent marijuana in Illinois

If you suffer from one of these medical conditions, your card is not valid.


The excise tax is an additional Illinois tax that Illinois puts on specific items. For example the tax on excise in Illinois could be as high as 25% on cannabis products bought from certain dispensaries.


In addition, you can add 6.5% sales tax. But, with the exception of the 1% state retailer occupational tax, patients who are medical marijuana card holders are not subject to tax. You could save nearly one third of your annual costs for cannabis.


2. The purchase of larger quantities of cannabis in Illinois

Current Illinois recreational marijuana purchase limit is 1.05 Oz per week. It is


Contact your dispensary to inquire about programs available for Illinois medical marijuana users. Patients who use medical marijuana may be eligible for discounts or a limited supply.


Many customers are unaware they have they can use the Illinois Medical Marijuana Card offers additional legal coverage. The card lets you buy in bulk, and can help to save money.


3. Higher quality Illinois CBD and cannabis choices

Your medical marijuana card can increase the quality of Illinois cannabis. Access to medical marijuana dispensaries licensed by the state is possible. This allows you to purchase the best quality cannabis from local and organic cultivators.


Another way to manage the quality of your cannabis intake is to plant your own. You are legally able to grow top-quality natural cannabis in Illinois using your medical marijuana card.


There are many good reasons to get a medical card in Illinois. My favourite reason is that you're helping the whole cannabis industry. The more patients who are medically competent have access to cannabis, the more patients will have access to medical marijuana.


What's the Illinois Medical Marijuana Price in Illinois?

You can apply for a one, two, and three-year registration ID card. Recent changes have resulted in a halving of the original charges for the state-sponsored program. The Illinois medical marijuana card costs:

  • $50 for a 1-year ID card

  • $100 for a 2-year ID Card

  • $125 for a 3-year ID card


If applicants are entitled to the reduced fee application and are eligible, they could be if the applicant receives Social Security Disability Income (or Supplemental Security Income). The fees for this application are:

  • For $25, you can get a one-year ID Card

  • A 2-year ID costs $50. card

  • A 3-year ID costs $75. card


The following charges apply to caregivers:

  • A one-year ID card costs $25. card

  • A 2-year ID costs $50. card

  • A 3-year ID costs $75. Card

  • $75 per caregiver who applies separately for a patient already registered. Both the caregiver's as well as patient cards expire at the same date.

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