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Learn how often you should have your ducts cleaned by professionals

Aug 17

Your HVAC system has put in a lot of effort throughout the year. Your HVAC system will accumulate dust and dirt because it is more frequent use. But, before you invest your money in professional air duct cleaning, you should know how to examine your air ducts and whether it is required to have them cleaned.


There are many benefits of employing an air duct cleaning company. It is suggested that this process be carried out every 5-10 years. Clean ductwork leads to higher quality indoor air (especially useful for respiratory ailments) and a more efficient HVAC system (up to 40 percent more efficient).


When you engage a professional air duct cleaning Albuquerque company, they'll eliminate all dust and debris accumulated in your ductwork over time. This includes small items and pets, toys or mold, and other possible sources of indoor air pollution.


What are the steps to check the air vents as well as the ducts?

A variety of tools, including a flashlight, flash camera, and a screwdriver.


1. Cleansing the air ducts is an Important Part of maintaining your HVAC system.

Take a look at the registers and air vents while you are observing how your HVAC system is running. There may be dust or other debris coming out of your HVAC system's ductwork. This could be a sign that there is a deeper blockage.


2. Examine Ductwork and Registers for dust, dirt, Cobwebs, and Other Building Debris.

Examine the vent registers by using a screwdriver or a flash camera. They can be located on the floor or near the wall's bottom. Check inside your car after you've removed the grille for venting. It is possible to clean your ductwork if there's a lot of dirt and dust.

Removing airborne contaminants from the air ducts will enhance the indoor air quality and quality of the surroundings. This also improves indoor air quality and lowers the level of airborne pathogens that residents in your housing community might inhale before they get into their homes.

3. Utilize Your Flash Camera

Use your flash camera to obtain a better view by putting your arm into the hole and taking a couple of photos of the area. After you have gathered the most information and photographs as you can, make a call to the professional duct cleaning service Albuquerque. Professionals will employ special tools to remove all dirt and dust out of your ductwork. This will improve the indoor air quality and make your HVAC system more efficient.


4. Be on the lookout for rodent droppings as well as The Signs of Mold

Be on the lookout for signs of rodent droppings and mold. Dead or dying mouse droppings could indicate an infestation, which a professional pest control company is required to address as soon as possible.


5. For a diagnosis of an infestation, get in touch with a professional as fast as you see a build-up of dust and debris or any other signs.

Contact a professional immediately if you notice excessive dust, mold, debris, or other signs that could indicate an infestation. There are several things you can do to keep your ductwork clean. First, inspect your registers and ductwork to check for dirt, dust, and pollen. Many buildups could be a sign that your system needs to be cleaned out by a professional duct cleaning Albuquerque duct cleaning. Additionally, you can utilize your flash camera to take pictures of the scene so that you can provide information about what was observed. Also, if you observe signs or symptoms of an infestation are evident, then act and contact an expert Air duct cleaning service in Albuquerque.


6. Get your ductwork professionally cleaned in order to save money and improve the quality of indoor air.

If you've had your ductwork professionally cleaned, you won't need to check them for at least five years. After cleaning your air ducts, put in the time and effort needed to make sure they are sealed properly. This is crucial considering that approximately 20-30 percent of our conditioned air escapes through leaks in ductwork. To increase the efficiency of your air conditioner and to reduce dust and dirt inside your home, find out how to make sure it is sealed.

You will not only improve the quality of your inside air by getting a professional cleaning done and sealing your air ducts, but you can also increase the overall efficiency of your HVAC system. This will lead to lower expenses, more health, and less in a number of illnesses. Cleansing your air ducts may be the solution for your respiratory issues.

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