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How to identify problems with your historic concrete block foundation

Oct 1

For foundations to be built for old houses and buildings,, cinder blocks were common at once. The majority of concrete foundation problems are caused by poor maintenance. Although some issues are fixable using a concrete block foundation, others require professional brick walls in Albuquerque mason.


Due to excess dampness, the coating on the foundation of the concrete block may have begun to peel.


Since the time of the Romans, concrete blocks have been used in many ways. Before 1900 coal clinkers were commonly utilized for Wisconsin concrete blocks. Modern concrete block walls Albuquerque comprise sand and gravel. Cement was widely used in the past.


Early concrete blocks were solid. Concrete blocks that are loaded with heavy-duty are hollow. The top of the block is made of honeycomb.


Concrete Block Foundation Issues

Find a preservation mason to identify any problems with the foundation of your concrete block. The most common problems with concrete blocks.


  • Concrete blocks that are not mortar or are susceptible to breaking might not contain mortar.

  • Concrete blocks that are cracked can be discovered in your house.

  • The mortar between your concrete blocks is degrading, allowing water into your basement. Below the ground, there was no exterior waterproofing was done. A professional mason must be hired to excavate your foundation and seal it. The mason should examine the mortar for mineral deposits. Your foundation might need to be repointed in this case. The mason needs to put tiles around the foundation, directing the water away from the foundation.

  • The cement coating on your foundation wall (parging) is deteriorating. Employ a skilled mason to dig around the foundation and waterproof it. The foundation that has been exposed may require to be repointed. To divert water away from the foundation, the mason must install the tile.


Historic Masonry Mortar Repair


Concrete blocks that aren't in good repair are usually wet and decaying. To address this issue, you will need to drain the foundation of water. Gradually slope the soil around your foundation and install ground extenders in your gutter downspouts.


Clean The Historic Gutters of Your Home


Your interior foundation walls are painted or parged, and the paint or parging is flaking off, trapping water.

Take off any paint or cement, and let it flake off naturally. Any coating within concrete block wall Albuquerque prevents water from flowing out. It may cause deterioration and spalling of concrete blocks.


  • The foundation wall of your home is sliding upwards or is collapsing due to external factors such as water and tree roots.

  • Fissures for stair-steps characterize the foundation wall.

  • The efflorescence is found, a white, powdery substance seeping between the bricks.

  • Your foundation wall has subsided or heaved.

  • Concrete blocks that have not been well sealed can become contaminated with mold or filth.


Issues with your Old Brick Building


  • Your concrete blocks are deteriorating.

  • Concrete blocks are granular and shed sand.

  • Although exposed concrete erodes slowly with time, it rarely causes structural damage to the foundation wall's solidity.


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