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Depths of Despair OSRS Quest Guide

Aug 4

If you’ve been looking to take in a short quest that can be completed quickly and doesn't require too much thinking then The Depths of Despair OSRS is the perfect one for you. It's an exciting continuation from Client of Kourend which is also part of the Great Kourend series quests. Taking on this OSRS quest poses no difficulty at all as it only has intermediate classifications when evaluating its level but with the length being very small (only 20 minutes), so don't feel intimidated by other long dungeons or bosses!

OSRS Depths of Despair Quest Requirements

Finishing this quest will require a lot of resources and time. You'll first need to finish the Client of Kourend and X Marks the Spot quests before you can take part in it, as well as have an agility level 18 or higher with 20% Hosidius favor. 

To be safe, bring a weapon and some food with you. You can also teleport to the Woodcutting Guild using a skills necklace or staff that is able to use fairy rings. But don't forget there are many items which will help on your quest! Super energy potions work well if you get low in hitpoints at any point during this journey while stamina potions should always be taken as they restore lost life points quickly when used from inventory within combat situations. Bring Xeric's talisman too - it may seem rare but brutes, shamans, and lizardmen usually drop these fairly commonly.

Having a good amount of OSRS gold with you can also make things easier for you.

Depths of Despair OSRS Guide 

In order to start the quest, we need to talk with Lord Kandur Hosidius. You can find him in his north-western house, which is located within the Vinery of Hosidius House. He will inform you that they are desperately seeking their son Artur who has gone missing and request your help finding them before it's too late. When speaking about this matter again choose choice 2 then 1 so as not to disappoint anyone.

Next, we are going to the Arceuus Library. When arriving, you’ll need to speak with Galana and her quest is simple - find an old book called Varlamore envoy in a random location among the shelves (ask for help if needed). Once found read it carefully as it contains clues on how to reclaim back the original Accord that sank into Crabclaw Caves off of Woodcutting Guild's coastline southwards.

The Crabclaw Caves are deep in the jungle, and you'll need to be brave when making your way through. The eastern pathway will take you south as it winds its way around many different obstacles that might make walking difficult for some. Keep a close eye on where the stepping stones go so they don't lead you astray while navigating over them (they can also help heal any wounds if needed). Once at the end of this path is Artur Hosidius who feels confident that there's more treasure ahead but has yet to find an entrance into what he believes could be Accord itself.

After the Sand Snake has been killed, head over to the chest that contains an original Royal Accord of Twill. Take this with you when going back home and speak with Kandur Hosidius who will reward your efforts.