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Nov 7

These are the key to managing and controlling the risks associated with logistics


Due to the complexity of supply chains There are a variety of risks. However, these risks can be managed and avoided by using action plans and prevention. This requires coordination among every department (logistics, purchasing, and finance, legal compliance), but it is vital to create an attitude of prevention within the company.


Every day, more and more companies realize the importance of monitoring, measuring, and controlling logistical in the event of failures, delays, or shortcomings using a method that examines the following aspects:


  • Recognizing potential risks: This involves identifying any factors that could impact the supply chain. Examples include natural disasters, legislative changes, loss of suppliers and financial solvency issues, strikes, and other events that take place at certain times and places.


  • Assessing risks and prioritizing them Sorting risks using the following criteria: Quantitative (based on historical data which is predictable, observable, and observable) or qualitative (expert opinion).


  • Insignificant moderate or severe severity: Zero; rare or probable frequency; the capacity to find it on time.


  • Risk mitigation and prevention: It involves finding options to mitigate or even eliminate risks such as improving the quality of standards, hiring risk coverage, using safety equipment, and installing controls and traceability throughout the supply chain. The plan must be revised to reflect the current socio-economic and economic conditions.


  • Controlling: continuous review to determine whether the risks have changed, including the severity, frequency, or speed of the risks. This method of control is based on, among others operational risk indicators as well as activity statistics and information from events.


Measures to prevent the risk


Risks associated with logistics for goods can result from numerous sources in the supply chain.


It is possible to minimize some risks by taking preventive measures. These are the top indicators.


Auditing freight companies conducting investigations into accidents, inspecting cars, training personnel, performing scheduled stops, setting up custody of vehicles and scheduling stops, as well as implementing geolocations and communication systems. automating alarms wheel locking, cutting off of fuel for all aspects related to transportation.


When it comes to inventories being aware of the quantity of inventory we will need at each place and at what time, accurately forecasting demand, creating stock safety margins, and monitoring inventories in real-time is essential.


The process involves rotating teams in the origin and receiving facilities in addition to maintaining a consolidated client list with limited information.


The routing is software-based and is locked by the system.

Statistics indicate that the consequences of inexperience and calamities around the world are greater than those that might result from the implementation of preventive strategies from 5 to 1. This means that prevention, like almost every other situation, always seems to be more effective on paper.


A suggestion for better risk management


We've come up with a set of suggestions that can help you improve your risk-management process:


  1. Making strategic agreements with suppliers in order to profit from advantages like the size of their operations and priority services.

  2. Verification that the quantity and the quality of the items received from suppliers meet the specifications of the contract.

  3. You must make sure that your accounts payable process corresponds exactly to what you purchased. This will avoid double billing.

  4. To prevent disruptions to the supply chain it's important to have the right technology and processes in place.

  5. Being aware of the new dangers we face as an outcome of setting up or changing sales channels.

  6. Cargo insurance is required in every business.


Zion Transport can assist you in managing risks because it's not possible to forecast the outcome of an unpredicted event.

This san diego logistics companies The logistics system has many benefits, including self-protection in the event of a breach of protocol, the reduction of the human element in terms of risks, real-time monitoring of any attempted thefts, and terrifying incidents of robbery. This includes managing workdays, analyzing the efficiency of employees, keeping track of vehicles, as well as maintaining a logging center.

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