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Weed Delivery Vancouver

Sep 1

Weed Delivery Vancouver

Canadian cannabis company The GreenMates, reachable at (604) 200-8214, has launched a weed delivery service to Vancouver, British Columbia, Ontario and Manitoba that offers customers high quality products within 2 hours of ordering.

Canada-based weed delivery site The GreenMates launched a same day weed delivery service for customers in British Columbia, Ontario, and Manitoba.

Please visit for more information.

The new service offers customers across Canada fast, reliable weed delivery of high quality cannabis products within 1-2 hours of ordering.

In Canada, cannabis was legalized for medical use in 2001 and recreational use in 2017 to protect public health and young people, and to reduce crime related to the illicit market.

The GreenMates introduced this weed delivery service for customers who need cannabis for these purposes.

The service delivers to a variety of cities in British Columbia, Ontario and Manitoba and offers the products available from dealers in each area.

Customers can select their city on the website and then select the products that are available to them.

The extensive range of high quality cannabis products includes pure CBD strains and oils, groceries, vapes and pre-rolled joints.

Sativa and indica flower prices range from $ 7 to $ 13 per gram and include a variety of varieties.


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